10 Ways Language Students Should Use AI

Supercharge your students’ learning outside the classroom.

David Weller
6 min readApr 1, 2023


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How long do you spend with your language students each week?

Two hours or less is standard for a lot of language schools. If your students study English in their regular school for another two hours, that makes four hours a week. It’ll take your students forever to become fluent in a language.

That’s why study time outside the classroom is so important — and now, we have a tool that can supercharge our students’ solo learning time. How can we train and encourage students to get the best out of their solo study time?

We can show them how to use AI.

How ChatGPT can supercharge learning

If you’ve read my newsletter on getting AI to write your lesson plans, you’ll know what ChatGPT is.

If you haven’t, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that is incredibly good at mimicking natural language and writing. It’s so good, in fact, that there are many things we can ask it to help our students with.

Students can use it:

  1. To create a study plan



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