AI Can Now Write Your Lesson Plans

Meet your new AI teaching assistant — ChatGPT.

David Weller


AI can now write lesson plans.

Oh, and they can also suggest activities, create teaching materials, give feedback to students, and much more. All for free.

Let’s take a look.

AI Writing and ChatGPT

AI writing has been a trend in the last year or so, and has helped marketers and copywriters write product descriptions and sales letters.

However, a new program called ChatGPT from OpenAI has exploded in popularity in the last month. It can generate human-like text with a high degree of accuracy across a vast number of topics. It can write code, stories, movie scripts — anything you can think of.

The key differences between ChatGPT and other AI writing tools are:

  1. The interface is much clearer (it looks like a Chatbot), so you type what you want rather than have to be technical.
  2. It does a great job of remembering what you’ve already asked. So if you would like it to change or edit something, it will.

But how can this can help us as teachers?

What Do Teachers Create?

What do we language teachers spend our time making? Here’s what I create (although I’m sure I missed lots — let me know what else you create in the comments!)

  1. General lesson activities
  2. Language-specific activities
  3. Lesson plans
  4. Student feedback
  5. Conversation prompts
  6. Dialogue & role-play
  7. Grammar explanations
  8. Grammar exercises
  9. Cloze exercises
  10. Personal development

I’ll let ChatGPT do the talking — I’ll ask it to create each of the items on this list and let you judge the outcome.

1. General lesson activities

We’ve all struggled to think of a fresh activity, so our students won’t get bored. Now we can ask ChatGPT for ideas:



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