Storytelling book launch! (50–80% off for 48 hours)📚✨

Storytelling for Language Teachers: Story frameworks, techniques and activities

David Weller


Hi all,

Just a short email this week, as I’m excited to release my new book!

It’s called Storytelling for Language Teachers: Story frameworks, techniques and activities’, 🐉

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A quick story-planning method to design story-based lessons in minutes.
  • Twenty adaptable story activities for almost any lesson aim.
  • Strategies to motivate and engage students through stories and story activities (based on the latest research).
  • Tips on finding, adapting, and creating better stories for your lessons.
  • How to use stories to improve student learning outcomes.
  • Techniques to assess progress in story-based lessons.
  • Insights on becoming a master storyteller.

Whether you teach young or old, beginner or advanced, you’ll learn how to make your lessons more engaging, effective and entertaining than ever before.

It’s available exclusively on Amazon, in both Kindle and paperback formats. As a launch bonus present to you, my lovely readers, there’s a massive discount for 48 hours.

The Kindle edition is $0.99 (will go up to $4.99)

Paperback version is $6.99 (will go up to $12.99)

Click here to claim discount

Prices will go up at 5pm GMT on Monday17th April — so get yours now!

Happy storytelling!

David Weller (the barefoot TEFL teacher)

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