The Next Three Years: AI & Education

Eleven Predictions and Nine Challenges with AI

David Weller


If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard of ChatGPT, and its pals. I’ve written articles about using AI to:

With everything happening, here are my eleven predictions and nine challenges I can see happening in the next three years.

Eleven Predictions for AI in Education

These are trends that are coming. Some are starting to happen now, and some I predict will start to happen very soon.

1. AI will integrate with everything

We’re seeing Google’s AI integrate with its search function, and Microsoft integrating AI with search and Windows operating system.

It’s only a matter of time before the larger learning management systems and school management systems start to integrate AI as well.

It’s easy to see a time when AI pairs with everything — from curriculum design to teacher and student performance tracking.

2. New Mega-learning companies will appear

As people uncover AI’s potential, I expect new companies to rise quickly to take advantage. Larger companies often move slowly, leaving gaps for smaller companies to develop ‘the next big thing’. Or, a merger could happen between smaller companies to create a similar situation.

These organisations could leverage AI to deliver innovative, effective, and personalised learning experiences at scale.

3. Ethical issues will divide opinion

The more we use AI, the more urgent the ethical issues become. I can see all of us, from students to teachers to organisations struggling with ethical issues, such as privacy, data security, and bias. Institutions and policymakers will need to address these concerns proactively to maintain public trust.

4. There will be ongoing debates



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